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Office365 Apps

Office365 Apps

Office365 Apps provides extensions for Office365 running on Windows, Mac and mobile devices to exchange data with cloud platforms such as Exact Online, Visma and Salesforce.

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Office365 Apps is bundled with Invantive Office.

Invantive Bridge Online

Easily more insight into your data from Exact Online with Power BI or Excel with Power Query

Invantive Bridge Online allows you to create reports in Power BI or Excel (Power Query) with information from Exact Online with one click. With Power BI you can easily make analyzes and dashboards of your data, with which you can monitor your business processes in real time and take action where necessary. You can then share these reports within your office or with your customers.

Pricing for Entrepreneurs


Up to 5 Exact Online administrations, retrieve up to 15,000 rows daily, up to 3M annual revenue.

Standard: € 15.00 per month

Up to 5 Exact Online administrations, retrieve up to 100,000 rows daily, up to 3M annual revenue.

Invantive Office for Entrepreneurs

Invantive Office for Entrepreneurs contains the following products:

With a maximum of 2 users and up to 100 partitions, the price is € 49.00 per month.

With a maximum of 10 users and up to 100 partitions, the price is € 99.00 per month.

Pricing for Accountants

Invantive Office for Accountants

Invantive Bridge Online is part of Invantive Office for Accountants and contains the following products:

The price is up to a maximum of 50 partitions € 49.00 per month. There is no user limit.

Invantive Data Hub

The price is € 49.00 for a maximum of 2 partitions, 1 server, no user limit.

Invantive Data Replicator

The price is € 99.00 to 100 partitions per month, no user or server limit.

Invantive Premium Finance for Accountants

The price is € 499.00 to 500 partitions per month.




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